Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cleveland Cavaliers draft

The NBA Draft is tonight.  I'm a Cavaliers fan.  Using the same format as my wrestling predictions:

My Crazy Dream Booking: Cavs trade #8, Love and JR Smith for Bradley Beal and Martin Gortat (if LeBron Stays).  Cavs trade #8 and Love to Sacramento for #2 and draft Luka Doncic (if LeBron leaves)

What Should Happen: Cavs draft Wendell Carter, Jr.-  Safest pick in this range.  They keep comparing him to Al Horford

What Will Happen: Cavs draft Collin Sexton- they need guard help

What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Cavs draft Michael Porter, and his injuries continue to hamper him.

If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Cavs trade #8 and Love for Kawhi Leonard- LeBron goes to the Lakers, and Leonard's injuries keep him out all year

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Cavaliers: Now what?

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors in the finals.  They were swept, 4-0.

The reason is both simple and maddeningly frustrating- the Warriors are one of the greatest NBA teams of all time.  In 2016, they set the record for the most regular season NBA wins- and then added the second best player in the NBA to that team.  The Cavs couldn't match up- they played defense well, but the Warriors kept hitting three pointers. 

No shame in losing 3 out of 4 to the Warriors- and the 2016 NBA finals will always go down as the highlight for me as a Cleveland Sports fan.

So where do the Cavaliers go from here?

LeBron is a free agent- he can go anywhere.  He might decide that Cleveland can't beat the Warriors and look for another team that can.

He might be right- the Cavs are old and over the salary cap.  They have a couple young players (Cedi Osman, Larry Nance Jr, the #8 pick in this draft).  But they can't pick anyone in free agency.  And while the Cavs can turn it on, and are likely to be better with another year's worth of chemistry- against a Golden State team that is at full strength, how do the Cavs get good enough to beat them?

Of course, that also applies to just about every other team in the NBA- adding LeBron to any team makes them contenders.  But does adding LeBron make them close to Golden State?

I see three scenarios the Cavs can follow:

Scenario 1:  Push All In.  Try to make a trade to get a player or two to push the Cavs above Golden State.  Trade their picks and players for that one last chance.

Is that player available?  Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio.  DeMarcus Cousins might take a one year deal.  Andrew Wiggins is incredibly talented, but still hasn't blossomed- and is about to start a massive contract.  

The problem is- LeBron isn't obligated to sign with the team, even if they push all in.  And if they make a move, it's going to put them in hell for the 3-4 years.

Scenario 2:  Expect LeBron to leave and still try to contend.

Basically, LeBron says he wants to go to team (x).  The Cavs pull a sign-and-trade with (x) for a veteran and see if the team still contend.

Let's say LeBron wants to sign with Boston.  The Cavs sign-and-trade with Boston of LeBron for Gordon Hayward.  The Cavs take Hayward and play him along with Love, Thompson, Jr... 

Is that a team that can contend for a title?  Probably not.  But they are a playoff team, and the Cavs might get lucky while waiting for some of the older players to finish their contract and go into free agency market again.

The problem with this scenario is that it puts the Cavs on a treadmill- too good to get a great draft pick, but not a title contender.

Scenario 3:  Full blow up.

Same idea as the sign and trade- but in this case, the Cavs get insist on draft picks, young players, and/or getting rid of bad contract.  Blow up the team entirely, start over.

That's ugly- the Cavs did that in 2011-2013.  The 76ers did that from 2013-2016.  It CAN work... but it involves a bad number of years.  And I'm not sure who will be willing to be third team, anyways.

The future in unpredictable.

Regardless of what happens, regardless of what LeBron does... we saw greatness.  And we'll always have 2016.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wrestlemania 2018 Predictions

* WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal: Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan, Becky Lynch, Naomi and more to be announced 
My Crazy Dream Booking: In some way, it doesn’t matter, because no one should be beating Rousey or Asuka for the next year. I suspect the big storyline will be Bayley and Sasha Banks- but neither one of them needs to win this for their feud to get hot. I think Ember Moon makes her debut and wins the Battle Royal
What Should Happen: In some way, it doesn’t matter, because no one should be beating Rousey or Asuka for the next year. I suspect the big storyline will be Bayley and Sasha Banks- but neither one of them needs to win this for their feud to get hot. Ruby Riott wins the Battle Royal
What Will Happen: Bayley wins the Battle Royal after turning heel on Sasha Banks
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: The match is over inside of five minutes.
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: The match is left off the card

* Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal:
The Revival, Baron Corbin, Tye Dillinger, Mojo Rawley and more to be announced 

My Crazy Dream Booking: The Revival win co-hold the trophy (push them as part of the new Dangerous Alliance)
What Should Happen: If they aren’t going to put Rusev in the US title match, have him win the Battle Royal, throwing out Elias Sampson as part of the face turn. 
What Will Happen: Elias Sampson wins
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Curt Hawkins wins (actually, this might be a fantastic payoff for his losing streak gimmick)
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Mojo Rawley wins a second time

* WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals:
Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali 

My Crazy Dream Booking: This match opens the card, and is a fast-paced 12 minute match with Ali taking the title and the crowd going nuts cheering for both men. A camera backstage shows all of the other 205 competitors watching intently and cheering wildly.
What Should Happen: This is not the match for antics- let them showcase their stuff. Either can win, but I think Ali might be the fresher choice as the champion
What Will Happen: Cedric wins in a good match
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Cedric wins on the pre-show
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: The match is left off the card

* Smackdown Women’s Championship Match:
Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka 

My Crazy Dream Booking: Askua wins and is absolutely dominant on Smackdown. Ronda Rousey beats Nia Jax around Summerslam, and both women are undefeated to headline (yes, HEADLINE) next year’s Wrestlemania
What Should Happen: Charlotte wins, shocking the WWE by breaking the streak, after a 25 minute match that is considered one of the two best matches on the card. This puts Asuka in position to be the hunter, chasing after Charlotte with a vengeance.
What Will Happen: Asuka wins
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Charlotte wins in a forgettable match
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Asuka wins, then goes back to RAW with the belt.

* Raw Tag Team Championship Match:
The Bar vs. Braun Strowman & A Partner TBD 

My Crazy Dream Booking: Strowman comes out with his partner… Alexa Bliss. She stays out of the ring until the very end, where she pins Cesaro to give them the titles, with a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ vibe in their reign.
What Should Happen: If they won’t let Bliss, let it be Sampson- who spends the entire match mic’ed up at ringside singing songs of encouragement. Strowman singlehandedly wins the titles and Sampson gloats as he grabs his first WWE belt.
What Will Happen: I still think this is the end of the Bar, so Sampson is still the partner.
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: The Bar wins- and realize they have no competitors
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Strowman beats the Bar single-handedly without any partner and the Bar go to NXT

* Raw Women’s Championship Match:
Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax 

My Crazy Dream Booking: Nia Jax wins and starts a six month run similar to the Big Show’s initial WCW title run- she’s just so big and strong that no one is in her league. The reign finally ends at Survivor Series against Rousey
What Should Happen: Bliss retains to become a double champion (see ‘My Crazy Dream Booking’ for the RAW Tag Titles)
What Will Happen: Jax wins.
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Jax attacks Mickie James and Bliss and Jax reveal it was a setup all along
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: This match is completely forgotten about

* WWE United States Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal 

My Crazy Dream Booking: Elias Sampson, as the Host of Wrestlemania, decides on a whim to add 3 more people to the match- Rusev, Baron Corbin, and “… just for the hell of it”, the Big Show. And make it a No-DQ match.

Turn it into an entertaining garbage brawl that goes all over outside the ring- it’s different from everything else on the card. Rusev wins the match after slamming Orton through the Official Rusev Day Celebration Table.
What Should Happen: Roode regains the title and starts a double turn in his feud with Rusev.
What Will Happen: Orton retains and faces a new challenger on Tuesday.
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Mahal wins the belt.
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Mahal wins the belt and reunites with Heath Salter and a returning Drew McIntyre to reform the 3MB (actually, done right, this might be awesome)

* WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
The Miz vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor 

My Crazy Dream Booking: Miz retains after a solid three way match. With Rollins feuding with Ambrose and Bálor going to Smackdown, Miz starts going on TV proclaiming himself the greatest IC Champion of all time, trash talking all of the previous IC champions. Within a month, he is answered by Chris Jericho
What Should Happen: Rollins wins the IC belt and begins a weekly title defense (similar to the John Cena US Open Challenge)
What Will Happen: Bálor wins- he needs the belt more than Rollins, and Miz chasing him to cement his legacy is a good storyline
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: The match is put on the Pre-Show 
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Three other people are added to the match- Elias Sampson, Matt Hardy, and Bray Wyatt. Wyatt wins and vows to delete Matt Hardy

* John Cena vs. Undertaker 
My Crazy Dream Booking: Undertaker comes back, and they have a good match for 8-10 minutes… before the Miz and the Miztourage come down and attack both men, leaving them lying in the ring. Miz goes on a long rant about how Undertaker disappears, Cena disappears, Lesnar disappears- but the Miz, he delivers each and every week. So to hell with both of these washed up has-beens.

And Miz walks out triumphant- my plan is to hold off either one getting payback for a while (if UT wants to have another match, I’ll give him Miz at Wrestlemania 2019- otherwise, it’s Cena/Miz at Wrestlemania 2019)
What Should Happen: Cena wins and begins (continues?) a subtle heel bit where he thinks he’s the big dog of the WWE and the Locker Room legend, and that everyone should listen to him 
What Will Happen: Cena wins, he and UT hug, UT walks off into the sunset
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: UT wins to keep him strong
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: this match has more time than any other match on the card.

* Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon 
My Crazy Dream Booking: (I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I read it somewhere and it’s too good not to use)

Shane McMahon is injured, and Owens and Zayn come out to gloat. Bryan steps out, and says that he needs a new partner- and the only way to deal with the volatility of friends/enemies Owens and Zayn is meet them with someone who Bryan has a similar relationship with…

…out comes Kane, and Team Hell No is reunited (and wins)

What Should Happen: Most of the match is Owens and Zayn beating the hell out of Shane- just pummeling him, mocking him, picking him up, etc. Finally, he makes the hot tag to Bryan, who comes in, delivers his best spots, and gets the pinfall. Bryan soaks up the “WELCOME BACK” chants. 
What Will Happen: McMahon and Bryan win, but Bryan sells for most of the match, and McMahon is the one who makes the hot tag.
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Bryan turns on McMahon, thinking that the crowd will somehow boo Bryan.
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Bryan turns on McMahon- and Shane still wins

* Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon 
My Crazy Dream Booking: Angle and Rousey win when Rousey makes HHH tap out to the armbar- the build the Wrestlemania 2019 starts now, and starts with a dominant performance by Rousey. 
What Should Happen: Angle and Rousey win when Rousey makes Stephanie tap out to the armbar- the build the Wrestlemania 2019 starts now, and starts with a dominant performance by Rousey. 
What Will Happen: Angle and Rousey win, but Angle carries most of the match on his side.
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: The WWE thinks anything other than ‘Angle and Rousey win cleanly’
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: HHH and Stephanie not only win clean, but by next month Rousey is just another WWE wrestler.

* WWE Championship Match:
AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura 

My Crazy Dream Booking: AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura have a 30 minute workrate masterpiece with a dozen near falls that everyone ranks with Savage-Steamboat from Wrestlemania III. Nakamura wins (he needs the title more), and Styles and Nakamura go from friendly post-match handshake to ready to attack each other with Finn Balor and the Club run down to calm things down. The five stand in the ring.

On the next Smackdown, it’s announced that Balor and the Club will be joining the Brand. As the five men celebrate Nakamura’s title win, they are interrupted by Owens and Sami Zayn, who call them out as the Bullet Club and as a bunch of has-beens. Anderson and Gallows go out to throw them out- and they get jumped by the Bar. Leading to the Stable Wars that dominate 
What Should Happen: Nakamura wins after a 25 minute match that is widely considered the best WWE match on the year
What Will Happen: Styles retains after a 20 minute match that is considered the best match on the card
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Styles wins after a 10 minute match that no one remembers
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Baron Corbin replaces Nakamura and takes his spot, then squashes Styles to win the title.

WWE Universal Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns 

My Crazy Dream Booking: Reigns wins, and Lesnar disappears. The next night, Paul Heyman goes on an epic rant, announcing that the Beast will go on to conquer UFC, but that Heyman will take care of the WWE while the Beast in gone. Reigns comes out to chase Heyman away- and is attacked by Samoa Joe and the Revival. Seth Rollins comes out to even the odds, along with Dean Ambrose- but Ambrose turns on Rollins and Reigns, and Joe/Ambrose/Revival stand tall as the new Dangerous Alliance
What Should Happen: same idea as above, only Ambrose doesn’t join, leaving Joe and the Revival as the new DA
What Will Happen: Reigns wins and Lesnar walks off into the sunset- Reigns holding the title ends Wrestlemania
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Lesnar retains to prolong the agony chase
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Lesnar retains, cleanly, and the next program with Lesnar isn’t until Survivor Series, where he faces… Goldberg.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Royal Rumble 2018 predictions

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match (Kickoff Match)
Enzo Amore © vs. Cedric Alexander

My Crazy Dream Booking: A double DQ leads to the title being stripped and a tournament for a new champion. The final four are a returning Neville, Johnny Gargano, TJP, and a Richochet
What Should Happen: Amore retains, and the next #1 contender is Drew Gulak. Gulak wins at Wrestlemania and begins a three month campaign where no one is allowed to jump off the top rope during cruiserweight matches to set up for Mustafa Ali to overcome Gulak
What Will Happen: Alexander wins and begins defending against heels.
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Amore retains and continues to slow down the division
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Amore wins, throws out an open challenge the next night on RAW, and it's answered by... Big Cass, who wins the title (and we forget all about the weight limit)

WWE Smackdown Tag Team matches
The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso) © vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin

My Crazy Dream Booking: Usos retain. Gable goes nuts after the match, tearing apart the locker room- and getting fired by Shane McMahon in the process. Gable shouts 'fine' and leaves...
What Should Happen: Gable and Benjamin wins the titles. On Raw, Gable winning a title is brought up in comparison to Jordan.
What Will Happen: Usos retain and get prepared for a feud with the Bludgeon Brothers
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Usos retain and get prepared for another feud with the New Day
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: The Shield and the Bar beat up both teams, because the only tag teams that matter are on RAW

WWE RAW Tag Team Titles
Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan © vs. Cesaro and Sheamus

My Crazy Dream Booking: Cesaro and Sheamus win back the titles when Jordan abandons Rollins, allowing Rollins to get pinned. Dean Ambrose starts yelling at Jordan- and Jordan attacks the injured Ambrose. Kurt Angle separates them, starts yelling at Jordan- and Chad Gable comes in to join Jordan in attacking Angle. The next night, Stephanie McMahon announces she hired Gable, and the reformed American Alpha start feuding with Rollins and Angle.
What Should Happen: Cesaro and Sheamus win the belts cleanly. Rollins moves onto an upper level feud with the Miz. Jordan searches for another partner to take back his belts
What Will Happen: Jordan and Rollins retain as they keep building up the inevitable breakup.
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Cesaro and Sheamus win- but Jordan's heelness starts infecting Rollins, and the fans turn on Rollins as well.
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Cesaro, Sheamus, and Joe all beat the hell out of Rollins and Jordan, but Reigns saves them all

WWE Smackdown Title
AJ Styles © vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

My Crazy Dream Booking: Owens and Zayn win the title- and Zayn turns on Owens immediately afterwards, quoting "Payback in a bitch, Kevin." Kevin acknowledges that he probably deserved it, and that while Sami made it equal, he'll be glad to make stay one step ahead. They continue a weird, relationship where they try to kill each other for the title, but no one else is allowed to interfere.
What Should Happen: Owens and Zayn cheat, but Shane McMahon pulls a power play to keep the title on Styles. Bryan shakes his head and mutters that there's only one way to stop this... (see the Royal Rumble)
What Will Happen: Owens and Zayn win the belt and co-hold the title for a month before Styles wins
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Styles retains and Owens and Zayn fall down the card.
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Shane McMahon walks out with the belt

2018 Women's Royal Rumble match
My Crazy Dream Booking: Asuka enters as #1 and outlasts the field won win it all. At one point, Charlotte/Sasha Banks/Bayley/Becky Lynch are standing in the ring- and the Four MMA Horsewomen start taunting them from ringside. The Riott Squad and Absolution throw them out, and the two sets of Four Horsewomen start brawling.
What Should Happen: Asuka wins, throwing out Charlotte and Ruby Riott to win it all.
What Will Happen: Asuka wins
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Nia Jax wins 
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: James Ellsworth wins

WWE Universal Championship
Brock Lesnar © (with Paul Heyman) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane

My Crazy Dream Booking: Strowman and Kane get thrown out, and Lesnar makes an open challenge, answered by Samoa Joe. Joe and Lesnar have a crazy brawl all over the arena
What Should Happen: Strowman wins the title. Give the belt to the guy who is over and is a full time member of the roster.
What Will Happen: Lesnar wins for his inevitable matchup with Reigns
What I’m Terrified Will Happen: Lesnar wins in five minutes
If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: Lesnar wins, but Kane and Strowman attack him after the match, and Reigns has to save Lesnar. Lesnar limps away, and the announcers wonder if he'll be able to walk by Wrestlemania.

2018 Men's Royal Rumble match
My Crazy Dream Booking: 
#1 and #2: Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt... immediately throw each other out, and start an all out war in the concession area that is shown during the slow parts of the match.
#30: See below
Longest Lasting: Nakamura
Most eliminations: John Cena
Highspots: Cena and Undertaker throw each other out
Final four: Mark Henry enters at #29 with only Nakamura, Roman Reigns, and Samoa Joe left. Henry and Joe throw out Nakamura, then Joe and Reigns team up to throw out Mark Henry. Joe and Reigns brawl on the rope and tumble out together as the countdown begins for the final entrant- and automatic winner...

"Ride of the Valkyries" play as Daniel Bryan comes out to win the match and challenge AJ Styles

What Should Happen: 
#1 and #2: Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor
#30: Dolph Ziggler
Longest Lasting: Kofi Kingston
Most eliminations: Baron Corbin

Final four: Reigns, Kingston, Big E, Miz. The New Day's teamwork requires Miz and Reigns to work together to finally throw out Kingston. Then, as Reigns lifts up Big E, Miz throws both out to win the title shot.

What Will Happen: 
#1 and #2: Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor
#30: Undertaker
Longest Lasting: Roman Reigns
Most eliminations: Samoa Joe

Final four: Reigns, Samoa Joe, Cena and Undertaker. Undertaker eliminates Cena, and as Cena and he are jawing, Samoa Joe throws out Undertaker. Joe and Reigns fight for five minutes before Reigns throws out Joe for the title shot

What I’m Terrified Will Happen: 
#1 and #2: Roman Reigns and Bobby Roode
#30: Samoa Joe
Longest Lasting: Randy Orton
Most eliminations: Big Show

Final four: Reigns, Orton, Big Show, Sheamus. Reigns overcomes the odds and lasts the entire match to throw out all three to win the title shot

If I Was Booking This And I Hated You: 
#1 and #2: Jinder Mahal and Health Slater
#30: HHH
Longest Lasting: EC3
Most eliminations: Big Show

Final four: Reigns, Nakamura, Rusev, HHH. Reigns and HHH easily dispatch the Smackdown wrestlers- then out comes the sledgehammer, and HHH moves on to face Lesnar for the title.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Project 190 update

Weight on January 1st, 2017- 234.0 pounds
Weight on January 1st, 2018- 216.6 pounds.

Nice.  Except:

Weight on October 5th, 2017- 209.8 pounds.

Damn Christmas and Holiday parties.

So now I'm back on the diet.  Lots of vegetables and potatoes, cutting out as much butter, oil and salt as possible, and trying to get 10,000+steps on my Fitbit  (not that easy when it's 10 degrees outside and snowing).

Friday, December 29, 2017

2018 Predictions

Let's do this!

  • Democrats take the House but not the Senate (too many seats are in red states)
  • Trump remains Trump- every other week a stupid and outrageous self-inflicted wound that causes outrage… until the next stupid and outrageous self-inflicted wound. 
  • Trump not primaried on the Right- in the end, the party falls in line
  • The left becomes a huge free-for-all with regards to getting in position for 2020, each one trying to outdo the other. 
  • One name among the Democrats- Al Franken.  Franken finally steps out of office and uses his freedom to constantly attack Trump, being a zealot about harassment (“I screwed up- I apologized, I stepped away to learn, and I will use my Presidency to make amends”).  He will be the lightning rod among Democrats going into the Presidential campaign 

Onto non-political predictions:

  • Houston shocks Golden State in the Western conference finals, 4 games to 3.  Golden State looks past Houston to a rematch with Houston, and Houston wears them down.  Houston/Cleveland goes 7 games, but Cleveland’s depth is too much
  • LeBron does leave Cleveland- for New York.  The Cavaliers break up, while LeBron forms a new superteam around Porzingis
  • The Yankees are the talk of baseball, as Stanton his 67 home runs… but they still come up short in the playoffs.  Houston-Cleveland are in the ALCS, and Houston prevails… but this time they lose to the Dodgers in the World Series
  • The Browns take Sam Darnold and Minkah Fitzpatrick with their two draft picks. 
  • The AFC title game is Pittsburgh—New England, with New England winning.  The NFC title game is Philadelphia-Minnesota, and Minnesota Wins… then shocks New England to win the Super Bowl (which is in Minnesota)
  • The Infinity War is the first major stumble among the Marvel Movies- it’s a case of ‘too much’.  It still does great numbers, but that’s when everyone sees the Superhero movie trend has peaked
  • The cascade of people outed as harassers will continue, as people will be called out for behavior of the last 30 years.

And personal prediction:

·        My ultimate goal is 190 pounds- I may not reach it, but I will be under 200 at some point of 2018

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Closing Out 2017

2017.... It was a Year.

Looking back, the biggest story was the explosion of sexual harassment cases- Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, Al Franken, Matt Lauer.  The dam broke- good.  Maybe this time a better standard can be held for the future. 

It was also the year I gave up on politics.  There are two parties in the USA, and their defining characteristic is how much they despise people who belong to the other party.  Donald Trump is pretty much who we thought he was- a narcissist who lives to see his name in lights and has no shame or doubts about his own awesomeness.  In today's political environment, that behavior is rewarded.  I'm not asking that the two sides stop fighting.  I just wish they actually fought over ideas instead of personalities. 

Sports?  The Cavaliers are a great team that ran into a greater team in the Warriors.  The Indians had a great season- I would love them to win one title before their core gets old, but it's a fun team to watch.  And the Browns were awful and pathetic- for the sake of the city, I would love them to get better.

On a personal level... we lost our cat Pippin this November.  We still have two cats, but losing the big guy hurt.  I lost ~25 pounds and hope to lost another 20 or so to get down to 190 this year.  Work is fine, and we still perform at Dinner Detective. 

May 2018 bring everyone peace and happiness.